Hiring a bike

Hiring a bike is a great and easy way to see as many places as possible in the shortest time.

There are some places you just can't drive to and walking is not always the best option, make the most of your time in Suffolk by hiring yourself a bike for the day and riding at your leisure to some of Suffolk's most beautiful locations. Take a ride alongside the Deben river starting in Woodbridge or head for the beach and ride along Aldeburgh or Hollesley beaches or visit some of our quaint villages like Snape. We provide a free route guide with rides to two forest routes and three separate villages in the area, for a more comprehensive list of routes you can buy our 'Suffolk Coastal Cycle Routes Guide' published by Suffolk Coasts & Heaths and available for £4.99 when you collect your bikes.

Keep fit, get healthy and enjoy Suffolk the best way - by bicycle.


Safety on the road or when in the forest is extremely important, we supply the basics but you will need to bring your common sense.

Safety on the road
Always check to make sure you and your party have your helmets on. When riding on the road it is important to stay alert, watch out for obstacles in the road i.e car doors opening and pot holes. Obey the rules of the road at all times, keep to the left and use proper hand signals when turning. As long as you are experienced on the road and understand the risks you will be able to keep safe and enjoy yourself.

Safety when riding in the forest Safety in the forest is just as important as when on the road, always remember to keep an eye out for other trail users and keep to the cycle routes indicated. Ride in single file when passing walkers and keep an eye out for horse and riders that also use the routes.

Always remember, be vigilant.
Keep safe and look after the bike and you will have a great time wherever you choose to go.

How it works

Make a booking
To hire a bike simply complete the online booking form before 6PM the day before delivery, I'm afraid we do not offer part day hire. You can select your dates and which bikes you would like to hire online via our easy to use booking system, select your dates and bikes then make your payment online. You will be sent a booking confirmation email straight away, if you decide you would like to add additional items to your booking at a later date just let us know, we can easy add these for you. Please note childrens bikes must be hired with an adult bike.

You will need to provide an official form of identification, generally we accept a valid passport or driving licence. You must bring one of these with you and it must belong to the main booker or we will not be able to let the bikes out.

Security Deposit
The principle hirer will be required to leave your credit or debit card details, this acts as a security deposit for the bikes on hire.

When we drop the bikes off we will give you a quick overview of the bike and supply you with a helmet, pump, lock and repair/tool kit and a free map of local cycle routes (a more comprehensive map and route guide of the area is available from us upon collection for £4.99). We'll adjust your seat heights and you can get ready to go.

Upon Collection
We will collect the bikes from you on the date and time requested. Please make sure you return all the accessories supplied, ideally before we drive off. We will check the bikes over and make sure you had a great time before we leave.